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Career Services Offerings

The Office of Career Services congratulates and supports you as you begin your journey to become a health care practitioner. Listed below are some of the resources that we offer to assist you with your future career plans and guide you on your road to success. 

Career Services will help you develop your career. Whether you’re a student, new graduate, or veteran practitioner, we provide assistance in:

  • Better business management through Practice Success Seminars (marketing, case management, finances, etc.)
  • Assessing the value of an associateship contract and negotiation of employment details
  • Identifying practice opportunities – associateship, partnership, purchase, start-up
  • Seeking employment opportunities through job fairs and direct contact with employers
  • One-on-one consulting to help students and alumni make informed career choices
  • Assessing the value of a practice for purchase, negotiating the sale, and financing options
  • Identifying opportunities for T10 internships with potential for associateship or purchase
  • Assessing demographic data to identify potential practice locations, including the use of Locus Chiropractic Location Specialists. Contact Career Services for login information.
  • Developing effective resumes and business plans

Career Services Consultants:

Jerry Peterson with Practice Brokers Inc. and Peterson Health Equipment can provide assistance, guidance, and counseling for the 4 main career choices: Setting up a practice from scratch, buying/selling a practice, office share arrangements and associate positions.  Jerry is available by appointment on Tuesdays from 10am to 4pm in the Career Services Office.

Kathy Mandel, J.D, Attorney at Law with Mandel Law Office, PA and Practice Brokers, Inc. provides legal assistance in the following areas:  reviewing associate contract, designing and drafting office share agreement, setting up a new practice entity (LLC/S-corp), legal representation when buying or selling a practice, contract review, office lease negotiation, and assistance/guidance through financing process when buying or setting up a practice, overall career guidance.  Kathy is available for appointments on Thursday mornings in the Career Services Office.

Melissa Kolb, DC, MKR Chiropractic RecruitingFind the “perfect fit”!  Resume Writing to Phone and In Person Interviews, Dr. Kolb assists you in securing the Associate Position that best aligns with your employment expectations.  Dr. Kolb accepts appointments every Wednesday in the Career Services Office.

Practice Classifieds:

For employment listings, practices and equipment for sale, or space to lease, visit the Practice Classifieds area of our website. Go to www.nwhealth.edu/classifieds

For more information or if you would like to set up an appointment with one of the Career Services Consultants, please contact Office of Student Affairs 952-885-5405 or studentaffairs@nwhealth.edu   

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