Ramona Westerberg

Ramona Weterberg

It’s hard but stick with it. It is worth going to this school.

About Ramona Westerberg’s practice

The Healing Place of Cottage Grove
8617 W. Point Douglas Rd.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Phone:  651-206-7141
Email: thehealingplacecg@comcast.net
Website: www.thehealingplacecg.com

Ramona Westerberg says Northwestern’s reputation among healthcare professionals brought her to the university in pursuit of a career in massage therapy. “I asked my chiropractor if he were to hire a massage therapist, what school he would hire from. He said Northwestern. I called the next day and set up an appointment to meet with someone.”

Westerberg says Northwestern was a good fit for her and pressed her to do her best. “I enjoyed the challenge of the anatomy courses and the hands on experience. I liked that the instructors were highly skilled therapists themselves.”

She had been a business owner, so Westerberg knew she wanted to open her own practice upon graduation in 2006. Northwestern trained her to open her own practice and to work in various other settings. “I worked in a variety of arenas while building my own practice. I worked at a salon, a chiropractic office and a fitness club. They were all great experiences. I have since opened my own wellness studio.”

What would Westerberg say to potential students about Northwestern's massage therapy program? “It’s hard, but stick with it – it is worth going to this school. The massage therapists that come out of Northwestern are the best.”

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