Michael Mohwinkel

alumnus michael mohwinkel

The instructors at Northwestern have a passion for their art and profession.

About Michael Mohwinkel’s practice

Advanced Back & Neck Care
1055 W. Queen Creek Rd. #3
Chandler, AZ, 85248
Phone: 480-814-7115
Email: Advanced Back and Neck Care of Ocotillo
Website: www.advancebackandneck.com

Michael Mohwinkel is fascinated with how the human body works, and had an interest in helping people become healthy in a holistic way. “Massage therapy was a good fit and great launching pad for my career in the healthcare industry.”

Mohwinkel found the science-based curriculum at Northwestern to be attractive because of the type of massage therapy he wanted to practice, and it was the only school that met his qualifications.

The part he enjoyed most about Northwestern was the close bond he shared with his instructors and classmates. “The instructors at Northwestern have a passion for their art and profession and truly care about their students’ success.”

Mohwinkel believes that students at Northwestern get a solid and thorough massage therapy education. “In addition to the fundamental training of Swedish Massage, the core techniques I learned were based on Neuromuscular Therapy which is a strong modality for clinical treatments.”

Since graduating in 2003, he now works at a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic. “I love watching a patient smile and feel better after receiving treatment, because they have taken back control of their health.”

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