Kayla Bauer

alumnus kayla bauer

A Northwestern education helps you to get a job wherever you desire.

Even though Kayla Bauer graduated in 2006, she still has other massage therapists asking her, "Where did you go to school?" Kayla says, “It shows that the tools you learn at Northwestern really do set you apart. A Northwestern education helps you to get a job wherever you desire.”

She says Northwestern's cadaver lab, hands-on practice, business and ethics classes, and insurance lessons helped her succeed in her field. “After I toured Northwestern, I knew it wasn’t just a massage therapy school. It was an in-depth science-based education.”

Bauer appreciates that in addition to classes, Northwestern integrates the massage therapy program with chiropractic, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and clinical nutrition programs. “I enjoyed networking with the other students. I learned so much. The integration of programs is one of the things I enjoyed most.”

She says Northwestern readied her for her career, through the exceptional education she received from an accredited university. “I felt so prepared to go out into the field after graduating from Northwestern – from my massage therapy techniques to the interview process.”

Bauer now works full time in a natural healthcare clinic within a hospital and part time at a spa. “I enjoy being a part of the growing healthcare field.”

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