Jeff Lockhart

Jeff Lockhart

I get to use my skills in the hospital to provide relief for those who are in pain.

About Jeff Lockhart’s practice

Regions Hospital
640 Jackson St.
St. Paul, MN, 55101
Phone: 651-254-3456

Jeff Lockhart followed a longtime dream of becoming a massage therapist while in his 30’s. He chose Northwestern for its reputation among professionals and its focus on rigorous academics. “The faculty’s commitment to ensuring that I knew what it took to be an effective, ethical and professional therapist provided me with a firm foundation to explore and succeed in a wide range of settings.”

Now a massage therapist at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Lockhart helps patients reduce their pain, anxiety and nausea. He credits his education at Northwestern. “I had the chance to do an externship with one of the other hospitals in the Twin Cities during my time as a student. The rigorous demands placed on me by the strong, science-based education I got at Northwestern prepared me to take on new challenges as a massage therapist.”

Lockhart also had rich experiences beyond the classroom. “I was active in the student senate and the student ambassadors club. Both of those activities gave me the chance to interact with my peers across the other disciplines of study at Northwestern and to form relationships that have sustained me to this day.”

A 2005 graduate, he now uses his Northwestern education to improve the quality of people’s lives. “I love that I get to use my skills in the hospital to provide relief for those who are in pain during what might be some of the most trying times they will ever experience.”

What would he tell a prospective student considering Northwestern? “I want potential students to know that Northwestern will challenge them but that the challenge is well worth it.”

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