Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell

The amount of information a student receives in 11 months is phenomenal.

About Gary Mitchell’s practice

Horizon Family Chiropractic
109 N. Main St. Suite B
River Falls, WI, 54022
Phone:  715-426-4774

An interest in sports medicine led Gary Mitchell to pursue a massage therapy education. He chose Northwestern because it was recommended to him by his doctor of chiropractic. “It was the best school in the area. The program was very specific with a scientific focus.”

At Northwestern, Mitchell learned that the massage program requires students to work hard and pay attention; that they can’t just sit back and enjoy the ride. “Students have to realize that they are attending the best massage therapy school in the region. The amount of information a student receives in 11 months is phenomenal.”

A 2008 graduate, he now owns his own practice, which is located within a chiropractic office. The scientific focus that Northwestern provided has helped Mitchell in his new integrated practice. “Particularly when working with a doctor of chiropractic, being able to assess clients and use the correct terminology to convey my message has been great.”

The best part about being a massage therapist is seeing clients progress. “Having someone come in with a headache or a loss of range of motion, and to have them leave without a headache or regain the the ability to lift their arms above their head is amazing.”

Mitchell says all the opportunities available at Northwestern add to a great experience. “You have to stay focused and try to take advantage of every possible opportunity while you can. I am very grateful I was able to go to Northwestern.”

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