Anna Jensen

alumnus anna jensen

The staff across the board is incredible.

About Anna Jensen’s practice

Anna C. Jensen, NCTMB
275 3rd St. S, Ste 101A
Stillwater, MN, 55082
Phone: 651-500-1661

For Anna Jensen, the best decision she made for her massage therapy education was to come to Northwestern. “The education I received has proven to be very valuable. I truly enjoyed all the wonderful people I met while at Northwestern.”

From the Financial Aid Department, to Student Affairs, to Continuing Education and the new bookstore, Jensen had plenty of resources at her fingertips to help with her success. “The staff across the board is incredible. The helpful and kind administrative employees care about you and want you to succeed.”

Attending Northwestern enabled Jensen to decide where she wanted to go with her massage practice. “I really feel the clinical internships and experiences were the most valuable, and I am thankful for them. Being at Northwestern enabled me to decide where I wanted to go with my massage practice.” She has owned her own practice since her 2009 graduation.

Jensen says students who are willing to work hard at Northwestern will get a great education, and she even recommends incoming students study basic anatomy prior to enrollment to get ahead before classes start. “Your education at Northwestern is truly worth it all.”

With a promising career ahead of her, Anna is very happy with the schooling she received at Northwestern. “It’s an amazingly rewarding career. I am so thankful to have a job that I love.”

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