Northwestern honors Dignity & Respect Champions

Susan Ricketts | February 26, 2015

Dignity and Respect Champions inspire our campus community.

Northwestern’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and our campus community have honored four Dignity & Respect Champions since our first champion, Deborah Hogenson, former director of Human Resources, was named in 2013.

2014 Champions

Michael Romanksi, student, College of Chiropractic

In the words of one of our faculty members, "Michael made an appointment to come by my office to discuss a remark I had made in class. He did so in a very respectful manner. I appreciate Michael's commitment to seeking justice."

Kathy Allen, associate dean of academic services, College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Kathy Allen honors the inherent dignity and value of each person. She goes beyond tolerance - she accepts all aspects of diversity and advocates for a fair, warm and welcoming university environment for all people.

2013 Champions

Narate (Judy) Keys, student, College of Undergraduate Health Sciences

Narate (Judy) Keys is a published poet and given readings on subjects surrounding her personal history as a Cambodian-American, moving from a refugee camp in Thailand to citizenship in the United States. She actively promotes the dignity of people from all cultures.

Kimberly Christensen, student, College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Kim Christensen is a vibrant and energetic champion for dignity and respect at Northwestern. She encourages a community of inclusiveness and support for GLBT people. Her courage and dedication to promoting a safe and supportive environment within the University is inspiring.

Who in our campus community is a Dignity & Respect Champion? The nomination form is online and due by March 15 for Winter trimester.

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