Dr. Wolfe presents on chiropractic history

Kate Martin | August 02, 2013

His presentation earned Best Presentation honors.

Dr. John Wolfe, Jr., presented at the Association for the History of Chiropractic annual meeting in June, receiving Best Presentation honors at the conference. His presentation was, “Shegataro Morikubo: The Life of the Pioneer Chiropractor Before and After his Famous Trial.”

Dr. Wolfe has done extensive research on Dr. Morikubo, whom he also highlighted at Northwestern’s Founders’ Day celebration in June. “He kept hundreds if not thousands out of jail while fighting for licensure,” notes Dr. Wolfe. “It’s a shame we don’t know more about him.”

Dr. Morikubo was a prominent figure in the lengthy battle for chiropractic licensure laws and practices. He moved to the U.S. from Japan in 1896, spending time in Minnesota from 1901-1906, and from 1909 until his death in 1933. “I had no idea how much I’d enjoy learning about him, says Dr. Wolfe. He said that the research works well with a course he teaches, Principles and Philosophy I, which covers basic chiropractic history.

Dr. Wolfe said he’d been selected to present at the conference just as the university put a ban on travel, so he decided to go anyway, paying his own expenses. He will be submitting his paper for publication in the journal Chiropractic History.

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