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Kate Martin | July 09, 2013

New development program aims to grow patient giving by leaps and bounds.

Heroes are not found only in the pages of comic books, or on the big screen. Every day Northwestern’s team of heroes – our Heroes of Health Care – perform exceptional work to help patients lead fuller, healthier lives. A new development program aims to recognize these heroes.

The Heroes of Health Care campaign will kick off in the fall. It is a creative, out-of-the-box way to engage patients in supporting our nonprofit mission. Displays in the clinics will invite patients to recognize a caregiver “hero” who helped them feel better, and encourage them to consider supporting the University’s clinic system with a financial gift.

The development team hopes to stir up some excitement and awareness on campus in advance of the program rolling out in September. Visit the University Facebook page to meet a few cape-wearing heroes, and share your own Northwestern Hero of Health Care story.

“The Heroes of Health Care program provides an opportunity for patients to reach out to their caregiver in a powerful way to say thank you,” notes Vanessa Feils, development officer. Feils sees tremendous potential in the program. “We know the care we provide in our clinic system is excellent and we know people appreciate that care – we are excited to implement a way for people to easily express that appreciation.”

Every year Northwestern strives to improve the lives of thousands of patients who visit our clinics by providing effective chiropractic, acupuncture and massage care. When grateful patients financially support the Heroes of Health Care effort, and express their gratitude for the role their health care provider is making in improving their lives, they will be helping both the caregiver and the University.

For more information, contact Vanessa Feils, development officer, at ext. 340.

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