HR Director recognized as Dignity & Respect Champion

Kate Martin | May 29, 2013

Deborah Hogenson is named as a Dignity & Respect Champion

Northwestern’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion named Deborah Hogenson, director of Human Resources, as the first ever Dignity & Respect Champion recently.

Hogenson was nominated for ‘treating everyone on campus with dignity and respect. She seeks justice and challenges others to consider the way that their actions impact others. She is a behind the scenes kind of person who has a great positive influence on campus.’

Dr. Alejandra Dashe, chair of the Commission for Diversity & Inclusion noted that Hogenson serves on the Commission for Diversity & Inclusion, and added, “It is very clear that her goal is to improve the awareness and acceptance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice at Northwestern and in health care in general. She is diligently working on bringing diversity training to Northwestern to teach the Northwestern community to make this happen. She also sends key Northwestern representatives to diversity conferences to keep our knowledge fresh and current. The Commission thanks her for her hard work. We would not be the welcoming university we are today without her!"

Who in our campus community is a Dignity & Respect Champion? The nomination form is online and due by July 15 for summer trimester.

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