Northwestern Research Paper Leads the Spine Journal Top 25 for 2011

Kate Martin | June 15, 2012

Drs. Bronfort and Evans author top-ranked article.

A paper written by researchers at Northwestern Health Sciences University was the most downloaded article for the Spine Journal in 2011, reported the medical publication. The journal recently announced its "Top 25 Hottest Articles" for 2011.

Northwestern Vice President  of Research Gert Bronfort, PhD, DC, and Roni Evans, DC, MS, Dean of Research at Northwestern, along with Mitchell Haas, DC, MA, from the University of Western States, published the top-ranked paper, "Efficacy of Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization for Low Back Pain and Neck Pain: A Systematic Review and Best Evidence Synthesis."

Topics related to chiropractic, and authors who are doctors of chiropractic, comprised nearly half of the top 25 articles ranked. The Top 25 list includes two more authors from Northwestern, Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, Associate Dean of Research and Knowledge Transfer; and Craig Schulz, DC, MS, Associate Dean of Research and Director, Office of Data Management.

The Top 25 list includes:

  • Paul B. Bishop, DC, MD, PhD – one paper placing 15th
  • Gert Bronfort, PhD, DC – three papers placing first, fourth and sixth, respectively
  • Simon Dagenais, DC, PhD – six papers placing third, sixth, eighth, 17th, 21st and 24th, respectively
  • Roni L. Evans, DC, MS – three papers placing first, fourth and sixth, respectively
  • Michael D. Freeman, PhD, MPH, DC – one paper placing 24th
  • Ralph E. Gay, DC, MD – one paper placing 24th
  • Mitchell Haas, DC – three papers placing first, sixth and 14th, respectively
  • Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD – three papers placing third, eighth and 17th , respectively
  • Eric L. Hurwitz, DC, PhD – two papers placing seventh and 20th, respectively
  • Greg Kawchuk, DC, PhD – one paper placing sixth
  • Michele J. Maiers, DC, MPH – one paper placing fourth
  • John Mayer, DC, PhD – two papers placing 2st & 24th, respectively
  • Edward F. Owens Jr., MS, DC – one paper placing fourth
  • David Peterson, DC – one paper placing 14th
  • Joel G Pickar, DC, PhD – one paper placing 10th
  • Jeffrey A. Quon, DC, PhD, FCCSC – one paper placing 15th
  • Craig A. Schulz, DC, MS – one paper placing fourth
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