Meet Your 2012-2013 Student Senate Leadership

| May 08, 2012

Newly elected Student Senate officers begin their term.

The new Student Senate officers, elected by the student body last trimester, began their one-year term last week. They are:

President: Megan Wall
Vice President, College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: Valerie Overby
Vice President, College of Chiropractic: Joshua Carter
Vice President, School of Massage Therapy: Ryan Snyder
Parliamentarian: Shelby Henriksen
Secretary: Kendra Sietsema
Treasurer: Krystine Meschke

In a Q&A with Northwestern Today the president and vice presidents highlighted what they hope to accomplish over the year, and what students should know about them as leaders.

What are your top three objectives for the upcoming year?


  1. Get more students out into the community volunteering their time to serve others;
  2. Keep the budget balanced so that all clubs, organizations and programs get equal opportunities, but at the same time keeping the student activity fee low; and
  3. Bring energy and excitement to all aspects of Northwestern.


  1. My top priority is getting the student body and Student Senate more involved in community events as a way to show the Northwestern nature of servant hood.
  2. Establish opportunities for advancement of education and volunteering through mission trips.


  1. Help facilitate a smooth transition to food composting in the cafeteria, and the long anticipated elimination of Styrofoam use on campus.
  2. Our chiropractic and acupuncture days at the State Capitol were successful. I would like to encourage and create more networking opportunities and involvement within local districts. Most representatives hold community coffee hours or public events. By making this information more widely known to students, we could build upon the efforts we made at the Capitol and put a face to the name behind "acupuncture" or "chiropractic" or "massage".
  3. Within the acupuncture program I would like to organize more inter-trimester events for students of all trimesters to get better acquainted with one another and create a greater sense of community on campus.


  1. To gain more representation from the massage student body in Senate      
  2. To help the School of Massage Therapy be seen as part of a University, rather than an add-on to the Chiropractic college.
  3. To get massage students excited about being an integrated school by attending community service events, parties and speakers.

What should students know about you as a leader?
Ryan:  I am very excited and honored to be working with this new cabinet. Everyone so far has expressed great ideas and it makes me want to step up my own game.

Valerie: I have a fun sense of humor and I'm open to talk to, so feel free to stop me in the halls to chat!

Megan: The ideas and decisions I make will be made based on what will benefit the student body as a whole, but I will also make decisions based on the mission and vision of Northwestern. I want students to know that they can approach me at any time about anything and I promise I will be there to listen!

Joshua: My care, compassion, and dedication to serving others come before my own needs.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Valerie: I have lots of surprises, but not a lot of people know that I've traveled to India and stayed in New Delhi's Tibetan Refugee Camp while on an AIDS/HIV awareness conference or that I interned on the Navajo Reservation and worked with their local EPA regarding uranium & arsenic toxicity in the water and land.

Ryan: People would be surprised to know I have a good sense of humor that I am sometimes shy to show.

Joshua: I am a hot yoga LOVER!!

Megan: Even though I may come across girly, I am the biggest tomboy in the world.

Any final thoughts on the Student Senate election results?
Valerie: It was good to see so many qualified individuals run for office! We have a lot of really motivated and creative people on Senate who do a lot for our students here at NWHSU!

Ryan: I am very excited and honored to be working with this new cabinet. Everyone so far has expressed great ideas and it makes me want to step up my own game.

Joshua: It was wonderful to see some competition for cabinet positions. It shows that what we do as a senate for the campus community is important and people really want to be involved in the process.

Megan: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This is one of my favorite quotes, by Margaret Mead.

Northwestern’s Student Senate serves as a liaison between the student body and the community, striving to continually improve the student experience. The Student Senate is comprised of elected officers and representatives from all academic programs, and is the formal body of student governance at Northwestern. Student Senate meetings are held weekly at noon on Thursdays in Room 26 and are open to all students. Visit the Student Senate web page to view the roster of Student Senate officers and senators.

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