Northwestern Receives $15,000 Grant for Summer Science Academy

Kate Martin | February 21, 2012

Grant from the Carolyn Foundation to help fund the Summer Science Academy

science academy students

Northwestern Health Sciences University received a $15,000 grant from the Carolyn Foundation to help fund its Summer Science Academy. The annual Science Academy is held each summer at Northwestern for 50 - 75 middle school and high school students from the Twin Cities.

“The executive director of the Carolyn Foundation visited the academy in 2011 and was very impressed with the program,” said Tolu Oyelowo, DC, associate professor and Summer Science Academy coordinator.

The 2012 Summer Science Academy will be held August 13-17. Northwestern students participate by volunteering to mentor a Science Academy student. Mentors keep in touch with their students throughout the year, and help promote the program at middle schools and science events. Registration is open for volunteers; 12-15 Northwestern students are needed.

The Summer Science Academy aims to build relationships with diverse communities, to offer life-changing experiences for students who may not have role models in the sciences, and to enhance cultural competency at Northwestern. It is a demonstration of Northwestern’s commitment to supporting young people in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who are interested in pursuing higher education. The week-long academy provides students with a hands-on learning environment and mentoring in an effort to encourage them to pursue careers in natural health care or other health sciences and technology fields.

At the Summer Science Academy, students may:

  • learn about the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems
  • view X-rays, CT scans and MRIs
  • study first aid and CPR
  • and much more

For more information, visit Summer Science Academy or contact Dr. Tolu Oyelowo

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