Changes underway in clinic system

Kate Martin | December 13, 2013

Burnsville closing prompts UHS expansion.

Construction in University Health Services (UHS) has already started, and the New Year will bring more strategic changes to the University’s clinic system.  In 2014, our Burnsville teaching clinic services are moving to campus and massage services in UHS will become available to the public. This is a convenient benefit for students, faculty and employees.

After careful consideration, the Burnsville clinic is closing at the end of winter term, in April 2014. Clinic leadership determined an expansion in UHS better utilizes space on campus, which improves the bottom line to reinvest into academic programs and better clinical experiences. To accommodate the expansion a six-room build-out in UHS is currently underway.

At the end of Fall term, acupuncture services will no longer be available in Burnsville. UHS will expand acupuncture hours to accommodate more patient appointments for students, employees and their family members. Edith Davis Teaching Clinic will expand hours – including evening and Saturdays – to accommodate Burnsville and other patients in the community.

Beginning in January with the start of the winter term, massage therapy students and faculty supervisors from the Burnsville clinic will split time providing services in UHS as well as Burnsville. At this time, we’ll begin offering massage service in UHS to the public. Massage therapy services at Burnsville will be available through the end of winter term.

Nurse practitioner services for students, employees and their dependents will stay the same but move to the Bloomington clinic.

 Please watch your email and Northwestern Today as we share more information about the expansion once it becomes available.

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