Northwestern rolls out ad campaign

Kate Martin | July 26, 2013

Be on the lookout for MTC bus wraps featuring Northwestern students.

Earlier in July, the University launched the “Lead the Way” campaign, asking students, staff and faculty to help spread the word to prospective students about the exceptional educational programs Northwestern offers.

Starting the week of July 22, an advertising campaign rolled out on Metro Transit buses and in bus shelters. Ads, including three bus wraps and bus sides, will feature Northwestern students Stephen Menya and Valerie Overby. A billboard along I-494 near the airport will go up on August 5.

A corresponding radio campaign will kick off this week on KS95, where you’ll hear testimonials by Northwestern students Overby, Bjorn Nelson, and Andrea Sandrock.

Additionally, courtesy of the relationship with KS95, Northwestern will be sponsoring a day at the Minnesota State Fair on August 29. We’ll staff the KS95 booth, and have opportunities to talk about Northwestern with their state fair and radio audience. Visit the State Fair on August 29 and wear your Northwestern gear to show your school pride and help get the word out.

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