Faculty and Staff Directory

Name/Title Email Phone Ext. Department
Aguilar, John
jaguilar@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Boosalis, Maria
mboosalis@nwhealth.edu 296 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Borggren, Cara
cborggren@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Bowers, Linda J.
lbowers@nwhealth.edu 431 College of Chiropractic
Braem, Thomas S.
Associate Professor
tbraem@nwhealth.edu 363 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Brezinka, Karen A.
Assistant Adjunct
kbrezinka@nwhealth.edu 371 Massage Therapy Programs
Burns Ryan, Katie A.
Director, Clinical Services
kburnsryan@nwhealth.edu 167 Clinical Services
Calva, Jason
Associate Clinic Faculty
jcalva@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Casello-Maddox, Patricia M.
Associate Provost
pcasellomaddox@nwhealth.edu 202 Provost's Office
Clausen-Meyers, Natalie
Assistant Professor
nclausenmeyers@nwhealth.edu 306 College of Chiropractic
Cota, Sheryl L.
Assistant Professor
scota@nwhealth.edu 366 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Deal, Donald B.
Associate Professor
ddeal@nwhealth.edu 380 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Devgun, Amrit
Associate Professor
adevgun@nwhealth.edu 612 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Eggebrecht, Donald L.
deggebrecht@nwhealth.edu 389 College of Chiropractic
Erickson, Nancy J.
njerickson@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Farrar, David R.
Associate Professor
dfarrar@nwhealth.edu 231 College of Chiropractic
Finer, Bradley A.
bfiner@nwhealth.edu 418 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Foster, Veronica
Assistant Professor
vfoster@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Ganzhorn, Karen A.
kganzhorn@nwhealth.edu 272 College of Chiropractic
Geraghty, Megan
mgeraghty@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Gong, Tao
Associate Professor
tgong@nwhealth.edu 304 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Gosse, Barbara J.
Assistant Professor
bgosse@nwhealth.edu 127 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Halbach, Janice
jhalbach@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Hanson, Christopher James
Assistant Professor
cjhanson@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Holst, Kathleen J.
Associate Professor
jholst@nwhealth.edu 372 Massage Therapy Programs
Horton, Amy L.
Associate Professor
ahorton@nwhealth.edu 108 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Jacobson, Krista
Librarian, Public Services
kjacobson@nwhealth.edu 463 Library Services
Javinsky, Martin S.
mjavinsky@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Jeffrey, Greta
Assistant Professor
gjeffrey@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Jiang, Yongping
yjiang@nwhealth.edu 361 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Jovanovic, Christian
Program Director & Associate Professor, ACM
cjovanovic@nwhealth.edu 309 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Kadlec, Janet
Associate Clinic Faculty
jkadlec@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Kalb, Kevin E.
Assistant Professor
kkalb@nwhealth.edu 219 DeRusha Clinic
Katchmark, Rebecca
Assistant Professor
rkatchmark@nwhealth.edu 840 College of Chiropractic
Larson, Link P.
llarson@nwhealth.edu 292 College of Chiropractic
Lautt, Candace S.
Associate Clinic Faculty
clautt@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Lawrenz-Smith, Susan
Assistant Professor
slawrenzsmith@nwhealth.edu 832 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Lucht, Alane
Assistant Professor
alucht@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Mackereth, Anne H.
amackereth@nwhealth.edu 417 Library Services
Maiers, Michele J.
Executive Director, Research & Innovation
mmaiers@nwhealth.edu 158 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Major, Christopher C.
Associate Professor
cmajor@nwhealth.edu 259 College of Chiropractic
Manne, Anita L.
amanne@nwhealth.edu 464 College of Chiropractic
Markus, Stephen
Associate Professor
smarkus@nwhealth.edu 330 College of Chiropractic
Maynard, Jessica
jmaynard@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Mueller Anderson, Amy
amueller@nwhealth.edu 277 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Muldoon, Joseph
Assistant Professor
jmuldoon@nwhealth.edu 110 College of Chiropractic
Norton Fleming, Michelle
Assistant Professor
mlnorton@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Novak, Jeffrey J.
Assistant Professor
jnovak@nwhealth.edu 291 DeRusha Clinic
Olthafer, Kristin
Associate Clinic Faculty
kolthafer@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Oppegard, Lisa
Assistant Professor
loppegard@nwhealth.edu 833 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Osterbauer, Paul J.
Associate Professor
posterbauer@nwhealth.edu 151 College of Chiropractic
Oswald, Scott
Assistant Professor
soswald@nwhealth.edu 305 College of Chiropractic
Oyelowo, Tolulope A
toyelowo@nwhealth.edu 276 College of Chiropractic
Packard Spicer, Anne M.
Associate Professor
apspicer@nwhealth.edu 461 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Petersen, Angela
Associate Professor
apetersen@nwhealth.edu 288 College of Chiropractic
Petrie, Christopher
Director, Clinical Education and Associate Professor
cpetrie@nwhealth.edu 451 Clinical Education
Pirog, John E.
jpirog@nwhealth.edu 365 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Ratte, Paul
Assistant Professor
pratte@nwhealth.edu 308 Master's in Clinical Nutrition
Renee, Michele J.
Director, Integrative Care; Program Director, MT & Associate Professor
mrenee@nwhealth.edu 319 Massage Therapy Programs
Rich, Jeff A.
jrich@nwhealth.edu 290 College of Chiropractic
Savant, Nakita
nsavant@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Schlotthauer, Ezra
Associate Clinic Faculty
eschlotthauer@nwhealth.edu Clinical Education
Schroer, Steven R.
Assistant Professor
sschroer@nwhealth.edu 153 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Sheats, Debra
dsheats@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Skaufel, Jodell M.
Associate Professor
jskaufel@nwhealth.edu 236 College of Chiropractic
Smriga, Sarah
ssmriga@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Spicer, Larry
lspicer@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Sung, Yung-Chi
Director, Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Effectiveness
ycsung@nwhealth.edu 469 Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Thoen, Jason C.
Associate Professor
jthoen@nwhealth.edu 421 Undergraduate Health Sciences
Thronson, Matthew
Assistant Professor
mthronson@nwhealth.edu 375 College of Chiropractic
Tuchscherer, Mary M.
mtuchscherer@nwhealth.edu 287 College of Chiropractic
Van Fleet, Verena
vvanfleet@nwhealth.edu 289 College of Chiropractic
Vincent, Michele M.
Associate Professor
mvincent@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Voss, Robert
rvoss@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Vossberg, Susan
Librarian, Technical Services
svossberg@nwhealth.edu 221 Library Services
Wang, Mei
mwang@nwhealth.edu 347 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Weaver, Sarah L.
Assistant Professor
sweaver@nwhealth.edu 242 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Weibel-Maanum, Christie M.
Assistant Professor
cweibelmaanum@nwhealth.edu 284 College of Chiropractic
Wheat, Nathan
Associate Clinic Faculty
nwheat@nwhealth.edu Pillsbury House
Wolfe Jr., John B.
Associate Professor
jwolfe@nwhealth.edu 346 College of Chiropractic
Xochimeh, Tlahtoki
txochimeh@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Yue, Jinming
Associate Professor
jyue@nwhealth.edu 326 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Zachman, Zachary J.
zzachman@nwhealth.edu 476 College of Chiropractic
Zamastil, Sarah L.
szamastil@nwhealth.edu 294 Massage Therapy Programs
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