Dr. Cody Hoefert

cody hoefert

Northwestern teaches students how to be a doctor of chiropractic and not just a chiropractor.

About Dr. Hoefert’s practice

Lyon County Chiropractic
706 South 9th Ave.
Rock Rapids, IA  51246
Phone: 712-472-4732
Email: DrHoefert@LyonCountyChiropractic.com
Website: www.lyoncountychiropractic.com

Dr. Cody Hoefert is a natural leader. While looking at chiropractic schools, Northwestern’s leadership opportunities were very important to him. “Being able to lead people and make a difference in people’s lives – that gets me really excited.”

Dr. Hoefert is very impressed with the depth of the chiropractic education provided at Northwestern. “Northwestern doesn’t make cookie cutter physicians. Because of the foundation in the basic sciences, clinical sciences, and the business aspect, Northwestern teaches students how to be a doctor of chiropractic and not just a chiropractor. And to me there is a huge difference.”

Since his 2004 graduation, Dr. Hoefert has opened three practices in Minnesota and Iowa. He says Northwestern prepared him in a variety of ways for the practice he has today. “You get exposure to so many things at Northwestern, more than just back pain. You get the ability to assess those situations and make appropriate recommendations for care. That’s one of the things that really benefits you and gives you a good foundation.”

Dr. Hoefert says Northwestern's focus on the sciences, as well as the leadership and business opportunities it affords students, prepare them to open their own practice. He took advantage of leadership opportunities while attending the university, including serving in the Student Senate.

Dr. Hoefert says the faculty at Northwestern is great at building students’ confidence and helping them learn. “That is what I loved about being at Northwestern – those relationships and the quality of the professors. Not just in terms of their knowledge and skill set, but the quality of the individuals.”

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