Stacy Degen

alumnus stacy degen

The campus community from staff to faculty to other students is unbelievable.

About Stacy Degen’s practice

True North
406 Cedar Lake Rd.
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone: 612-402-8872

While working as a recreational therapist, Stacy Degen had many patients she believed were overly medicated and she wanted to do something else to help alleviate their pain. When she had her first experience with acupuncture, she found her life’s work and chose Northwestern over schools in other states.

She loved the faculty. “They are all so well educated and well trained, with long family histories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  A student starts to gain, through them, the enthusiasm and commitment that they have.”

She also received a well-rounded internship experience. “Being in a hospital setting, an HIV/AIDS clinic, a homeless shelter, and stroke and spinal cord injury rehab center gave me practical hands-on experience that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

While Degen had a healthcare background, learning Traditional Chinese Medicine was entirely different. “We had to retrain our brains because we grew up in a Western medical paradigm.” She says when she finally was able to just let go and go with the flow of the medicine, it became much easier. 

Degen earned a Master of Oriental Medicine in 2008 and credits her Northwestern education with being hired at a thriving integrated practice in Portland, Oregon. She says the clinic owners thought highly of the university, that “Northwestern has a reputation for teaching students about integrative medicine.” Degen works with chiropractors, massage therapists, a naturopathic physician, a medical doctor and acupuncturists, who all refer comfortably, to each other. “I love my current practice because of my clients. We are all familiar with the stories that start with, ‘I’ve tried everything and you’re my last shot.’”

She has since returned to Minnesota and opened her own practice, True North, where she incorporates herbal medicine, essential oils and Tui Na Chinese massage with nutrition counseling and yoga therapy.

Stacy says Northwestern’s faculty are the best reason to attend but she also says the campus, library, bookstore and the whole university community are excellent. “The campus community from staff to faculty to other students is unbelievable – they all get you through school. Everything about going to school really flowed.”

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