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I wanted to study side-by-side with chiropractic and massage therapy students.

About Nicole Larsen’s practice

Twin Cities Acupuncture
Address: 1700 W. Hwy 36, Suite 400
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-636-0055

Nicole Larsen immediately knew she wanted to attend Northwestern after visiting the campus for Discovery Day and witnessing a practitioner treat a women for uterine fibroids. Nicole filled out an application on the spot. Five months later, she started her education at Northwestern.

Larsen chose the acupuncture and Oriental medicine program at Northwestern because of a combination of factors. “I loved the facility. I wanted to be part of a larger school because of my interest in integrative medicine. I wanted to study side-by-side with chiropractic and massage therapy students. I love the way that the Western classes blend with the Eastern traditional Chinese medicine classes.”

She was also thrilled by the many clinical internship opportunities that were available. “Being able to participate in varied clinic internships with different supervisors enabled me to study a variety of areas of specialization. It helped me to decide which areas I wanted to focus on.”

In addition to the clinical experiences, Larsen says she loves that the University has a cadaver lab. “I learned so much about the human body, as well as where the acupuncture needles actually go when a practitioner inserts them into the body.”

According to Larsen, Northwestern offers the best opportunities with experienced and professional faculty, as well as great classroom and clinic experiences. “I love the acupuncture and Oriental medicine program and I had a fabulous experience there.”

Larsen now specializes in infertility caused by metabolic disorders and chronic pain, and works in an integrative clinic with her husband, who is a chiropractic graduate of Northwestern.

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