Katherine Krumwiede

alumnua katherine krumwiede

I loved the fact that three different disciplines were studying together.

About Katherine Krumwiede’s practice

Diamond Stone Oriental Medicine, Inc.
2415 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN  55405
Phone: 612-872-9133
Email: katherine@diamondstoneom.com
Website: www.diamondstoneom.com

Katherine Krumwiede had a career in creative management and accounting prior to her education at Northwestern. As a second career, she now runs her own acupuncture and Oriental medicine practice out of an office owned by two chiropractors. “I enjoy being in an office where I can interact with other healthcare professionals.”

Krumwiede chose to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine because she liked how the practitioners interacted with their patients, focusing on overall health rather than specific symptoms. “This medicine is so amazing. Even though I know it works, I am always amazed at how the medicine helps bodies heal themselves.”

She says Northwestern’s acupuncture and Chinese medicine program is an intense learning experience, but was an easy choice for her. “I loved the university setting and the fact that three different disciplines were studying together. I appreciate the connection between the Eastern and Western types of medicine.”

Krumwiede says through on-campus clubs, students have the chance to intimately learn about practices outside of their own programs. “I learned a lot from going to the different programs offered by clubs. It was great learning about all sorts of different things, in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are so many opportunities at Northwestern.”

She is still impressed with the amount of support Northwestern has given her, both in school and after graduation. “When I was in school, I felt supported by the teachers and the staff, and the librarians were so helpful. Even since graduating, I feel supported. Continuing education credits are easy to obtain, and programs for graduates are affordable and high-quality.”

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