Chris Volesky

alumnus chris volesky

The faculty are mentors, always willing to take the time to help.

About Chris Volesky’s practice

NorthEast Internal & Integrative Medicine
301 Medical Park Drive, Ste 201
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: 704-403-7050

Chris Volesky came face-to-face with natural health care after suffering serious whiplash in a car accident. Chiropractic care helped but acupuncture greatly helped him manage his pain. His chiropractor and acupuncturist had attended Northwestern, so he explored it and decided to attend the same university. 

Volesky graduated from Northwestern with a Master in Oriental Medicine in August 2010 and has a glowing review of the faculty. In his words, the faculty were “…second to none. Anytime you needed a question answered, they would stop, think about it and give you their time and an answer. Even now as a graduate, they’re willing to help.”

He says the variety of his Northwestern internships enabled him to be hired by the integrated clinic where he now works. “I was exposed to multiple settings. I worked with Western doctors and in Western care centers – people in different disciplines. We all talked about the same conditions in a physical body, just in different terms.”

Now working at Carolina’s Medicine Center NE in Concord, North Carolina, Chris works alongside a medical doctor, an osteopathic physician and two massage therapists. They all collaborate on many patients and combine modalities. Chris also treats patients in the nearby hospital with issues ranging from musculoskeletal and stroke to schizophrenia. He says the best part of his practice is working with his clients in a Western setting with Eastern medicine. “When people see what a simple herbal formula can do and they get relief after years of other treatments, it really validates what we do.”

Volesky encourages acupuncture and Oriental medicine students to make use of all the university resources. “Don’t just go to class.  Take the opportunity to go to lunchtime study halls and lectures, go to clinical theatres, choose different places to do internships. Be a part of all of it.”

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